Solar Media launches Energy Storage Summit in America

Solar Media is delighted to launch its newest event, Energy Storage Summit Americas. Taking place in Fort Lauderdale on 5-6 March 2019, the summit will provide a platform for the next step in the renewable energy industry across North and South America.

The energy storage market and development brings as many challenges as it does advancements, with a myriad of technologies, capacities, functions, and lifespans. With most projects still in development and technologies with sparse track records, knowledge in this fledgling industry is invaluable. Investors, utilities, consumers, and all renewable energy participants have to not only understand the market, but be able comfortable enough to make the right investment in energy storage to not be left behind the curve. This new event is a platform for companies to bridge the gap between future energy storage plans and installed energy storage. Speakers will discuss the latest news on standardization, comparing battery technologies, financing projects in different markets, resilient microgrids, and storage use for emergency response and aid, among many others. The summit will not only to educate and familiarize attendees on the capabilities and benefits of energy storage, but make the connections, and introductions, to accelerate energy storage development in North, Central, and South America.


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