PV launches new event in India

As the leading global PV technology and market-focused forum, PV-Tech is launching the PV India Tech Conference on the 24th-25th April 2019, Delhi, India. The new two-day conference aims to be the annual go-to platform to track the progress of the country’s manufacturing aspirations. 

The India solar eco-system is completely unique within the global industry today. The country not only represents one of the most secure long-term 10GW+ annual markets for deployment of solar panels, it is also fundamentally motivated in creating a high-value, high-quality integrated value-chain for mass production of c-Si wafers, cells and modules.

After many stop-starts over the past 10 years, 2019 is finally set to be the year-of-change, with domestic and overseas investments having policy-driven incentives in order to fast-track new GW-scale factories.

For further details visit: https://indiatech.solarenergyevents.com