PV CellTech 2018 hits the spot with market trends

The top PV cell makers, R&D directors and technology managers joined PV in Penang, Malaysia, 13-14 March, for the third PV CellTech event. Considered the must-attend solar cell manufacturing event of the year, the conference focused on PV cell technology and trends.

At a time when the PV industry is going through a pivotal phase, with technology leadership being prioritised in a way that we have not seen before, the 2018 PV CellTech event looked at market trends and the PV technology roadmap.  An impressive portfolio of speakers discussed where the industry has reached with cell efficiency improvements and plans for moving to the next level of performance.

The event also provided a platform for high level networking within the silicon solar cell sector.

For further information visit https://www.pv-tech.org