PTI Launches New & Improved Supplier Portal (AIS)

PTI has launched a new improved version of its Supplier Portal as an invaluable resource for maritime supply chain executives in ports and terminals. The ‘Approved Industry Supplier (AIS) Portal’ offers its audience unrivalled insight into the industry with an in-depth, exhaustive review of the key names in the sector.

The new offering gives users a deep insight into key industry players within the shipping, port asset, security, consultancy and automation sectors, while also covering many more vital domains.

Each company page exhibits the best video, news and technical content from the featured suppliers, as well as an insight into their unique product offerings. This helps PTI in providing users with an unrivalled service in ascertaining a clear picture of where they can get exactly what they need. Website visitors are also able to send direct inquiries, RFQ’s, RFP’s, and tenders to any supplier they choose. Further, the AIS page will continue to expand as new players enter the market, and PTI strives to ensure it is always up-to-date with the latest industry research, breakthroughs and offerings.

See PTI’s new AIS Portal here: