Addressing climate smart agriculture innovations in Africa

Agriculture and development experts are invited to join AIDF’s live webinar on ‘Improving Adoption of Climate-Smart Agriculture Innovations in Africa’ on 17th January. Speakers include David Del Conte, Deputy Head of UNOPS, and Noelle O'Brien, Team Leader of the Finance Innovation for Climate Change Fund (FICCF).


The webinar will offer first-hand insight into climate-smart innovations to improve productivity for rural communities, the importance of finance in scaling up climate-smart innovation, using social networks as an innovative platform for the livelihood of farmers, upscaling agriculture platforms as a way to help climate resilience and small-hood farming, and breaking socio-economic barriers and forming relationships amongst a multitude of stakeholders.


The webinar is aimed at senior representatives from ministries of agriculture, heads of key agri-related public institutions, UN agencies, agricultural firms, NGOs, farm associations, agriculture research and development institutes, investors, donors and the private sector. In particular directors of agriculture/food security programmes, financing, science and technology, innovation, partnerships, research, trade and collaboration, natural resources and sustainable development, will benefit from this webinar.


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